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osworth Park 1884

Bosworth 1903

own Plan 1884




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Church Road 






A is a Brick Wall built across the Old GateWay which was the original Road from Mr Watsons’ House to the Church and entered the Church Yard at the Point B.

C to D is the Fence moved from the Line E to D to inclose the Wall and the old GateWay into Sir W Dixie’s Field.

F is the New GateWay made after Sir W Dixie had blocked up the old one at the Point A.

C is the commencement of the Post & Rail Fence set across the New Gate Way and continued close to the Ditch by the side of Mr Watson’s Garden to the point G and from the Pont G across the Road to the Church Yard Fence at H. A Ditch is also made in front of the new GateWay F which Ditch belongs to Mr Watson’s Garden..

I The Gate at the entrance of the Park locked and chained up by Sir W Dixie.
The line coloured Blue from the letter K to the new GateWay E is the Ditch by the side of Mr Watson’s Garden.

L is the commencement of the Public Highway which goes round the Church Yard to the point I where it enters the Park and continues down the said Park to the letter M

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