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Thank you for your interest in the Bosworth Links Community Archaeological Dig. If you wish to volunteer, please fill out the details below and click the “Send Details” button at the bottom.

The following information will be held by Bosworth Links for the duration of the project but other than general data concerning the number of volunteers, gender and age no specific details will be shared with a third party. Details given by you will be held during the life of Bosworth Links and then deleted/destroyed. Whilst sensible precautions will be taken, we cannot guarantee against data theft, but undertake to notify any breaches in a timely manner..

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If ticked please give the details of the names of your team below, and if their e-mails differ from above then their own e-mail
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Without identifying the people please give the ages of any who are under 18.
Please indicate any roles you would be interested in.
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Is there any other information that you feel we should know about you or your team?

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