Competition – The Results are in


The judges have chosen the winners based on those receiving sufficient votes to achieve a top ten placing. The judges regret that several pictures ruled themselves ineligible by not meeting the rules, particularly the rule specifying the minimum and maximum size of the picture.


Over 18 entries

The winner is “Cottages in Bloom” by Paul Burrows:

The runners up are “Thatched Cottages” by Helen Burrows:

“The Warmth of Bosworth” by Dick Bates:

and “Community” by Toren Storer:

18 and under entries

The winner is “The Yellow Door” by Natalie Burrows:

The judges were very pleased with the response to the competition and wish to thank all those taking part.
The winners really do capture the essence of the competition

Below are all the entries received for the competition:

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